Voices of the Night - 2008 solo flute performed by Rowland Sutherland
Barren Woman - 2008 solo piano
Improv for Kurt Cobain - 2008 solo trombone performed by David Purser
Moods on a telephone - 2008 solo violin
Empty Sky - 2009 solo soprano and electronics performed by Mary Wiegold
Constellations - 2010 solo vibraphone and tape
Orion A and Orion B - 2010 solo percussion performed by Alonso Mendoza
I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE - 2010 clarinet and bass drum (one performer)


Dead Tea Leaves - 2008 soprano and cello performed by Sarah Leonard and Robin Michael
Primary Colours - 2008 clarinet quartet performed by the Alpha quartet
Not From Here - 2009 string quartet performed by the Chroma ensemble
I sang - 2009 four narrators and mixed ensemble
Chiaroscuro - 2009 piano quartet (clarinet,viola,cello and piano) performed by the Chroma ensemble


I HEART COMA - 2009 mixed ensemble performed by East Midlands CoMA ensemble
The Night the Buses Died - 2009 saxophone octet
The Nutritional Value of Dreams - 2010 Large ensemble performed by Thallien ensemble, workshopped by Louis Andriessen.
Styx - 2010 Orchestra
(dB) - 2011 Large ensemble performed by Decibel.
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place - 2011 Large ensemble performed by THUMB.


Ophelia:the death of - 2009 Soprano,Recorder,Clarinet,Cello,Harp,Piano,Tape and Video Second prize and Audience vote in the 2009 Philip Bates Prize
Asthma Attack - 2009 Soprano and video
Orpheus and Eurydice - 2010 Large ensemble Unfinished opera
Interview A : Interview B - 2010 101 new music theatre (5 performers, 5 minutes, 5 props)